Part 2 of my art-intensive week -- starting a mixed media art journal

making a mixed media art journal
Last week was jam-packed with art. Just a few days after a Gelli plate class, I began an ongoing art journaling workshop. Our small group will meet twice a month until the fall to try new materials and techniques while building an art journal.

Our fearless leader, artist and teacher John, walked us through each stage. (I met John a few months ago in another mixed-media workshop.) He'd prepared a stack of deckle-edged pages for us. We began by binding them together using a simple pamphlet stitch.

Then we attacked the cover. So to speak. We added strips of masking tape, then gesso'd over the tape and added texture using stamp rollers. (I chose one John calls "moon rock.") Then out came the plastic cards and we applied acrylic paint. For a final touch, I used a stencil. Here's what my cover looked like.
making a mixed media art journal
I like the colors I chose, but I'm a little disappointed with the stenciling. I wanted it to look like random paint splatters, but instead it looks like ghostly flowers. I'm happy with how strong the tape makes the cover.

After lunch, we moved onto the first spread. John gave us 20 different prompts, like adding metal tape, writing about a childhood memory, dripping ink, and distressing the surface with sandpaper. And we were just making the background!

Here's mine. And yes, that is Joe McCarthy. 
making a mixed media art journal

making a mixed media art journal
My favorite part is the little man in the window. Next to him is a large insect, but all you can see is the wing. That's the challenge of layering -- you may end up covering an image that you really like. Oh, well, at least I know he's under there.

At our next meeting, we'll add foreground images and use paint to bring everything together. 


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