Can art prevent another giant spider invasion?

Scientist and giant spider. of course.
Here's another one of my science-inspired collages. A better term might be "science wary." As in "I'm strangely obsessed by science but also a little suspicious and fearful."

Maybe I've seen too many old sci-fi movies where scientists lose control of their inventions and giant irradiated spiders take over the world.  

Collage with surreal images from science
I started with a Gelli print that I made at a recent workshop. The first image I chose was the stylized photo of a scientific looking gentleman who turns out to be Jules Verne. I added symbols from an electrical diagram. Toast came next, for obvious reasons. 

I grabbled the title from an old handy-man book. Jules looks a bit abrasive, I think. The text comes from an elementary school science textbook. I could go all Honors-English class and say the snake represents the Tree of Knowledge and the Fall of Humankind in the Old Testament. But really, I just liked how the shape and color complemented the background.

Collage with surreal images from science --- detail
Finally, the legs. What can I say? Jules looks just a bit too smug.(As in "My brain is better than your brain" smug.) I had to nip scientific arrogance in the bud, and what better way than by giving him shapely gams?

He won't be unleashing giant irradiated spiders on the world anytime soon!


  1. Claudia your collage is gorgeous, I love the details and the composition as a whole! Fabulous work!


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