Psychedelic dancing collages

In previous posts, I shared my articulated collages of regular people, celebrities and dinosaurs. These are fun to make, but hard to display. I've been experimenting with colored pencil designs. I start by putting the collage person in the middle, then trace around the shape in different colors.

Dancing Dino collage
I really like the result. Each poster takes at least an hour to complete and really takes a toll on my colored pencil collection (but heck, isn't that what art supplies are for?)

The psychedelic vibe makes these collages good candidates for my online store on Society6. You can get one of these designs on a tote bag, phone skin and more!
Dancing Egyptian collage

Dancing Lady collage

Dancing Rooster collage
I have almost 100 articulated collages. I'm not sure I can turn them ALL into psychedelic designs. But I can try!