A few more memories of Mom

 My previous posts had themes....sewing, jewelry, knickknacks. This one is a grab bag of makeup, perfume and yes...turtles!

Before I declared myself a feminist, I enjoyed playing with the Avon lipstick samples that Mom would give me after her "Lady" left. I loved the tiny, Claudia-sized white cylinders of bright pinks and reds.

Colored Pencil drawing -- Avon lipstick samples
Mom never left the house without "putting her face on." She also liked wearing perfume. Her favorite was Chanel #5. She tried to get me started on Jean Nate, but I'm just not a perfume person.
Colored pencil drawing -- perfume
Mom smoked for many years, until she used her mighty willpower to quit in her 50s (she inspired me to quit, too). In this imagined still life, I included her silver ashtray along with a glass of wine (just one before bedtime) and a crossword puzzle. 
Colored pencil drawing -- still life
As for the turtles...I brought two red-ear sliders into the house, promising to care for them, but of course Mom ended up doing all the work. Myrtle and Yurtle spent several happy years in a large aquarium in my bathroom, chomping on processed lunchmeat. Myrtle grew so large that we released her into a large pond when she outgrew the aquarium.
Colored pencil drawing -- red slider turtle

Colored pencil drawing -- red slider turtle