All together now -- Beatles "posers"

The Beatles changed pop music forever. They also changed how musical groups were photographed -- at least in teen magazines. I went through my pile of old magazines and noticed a pattern.

The iconic image of the Fab Four showed the boys in a line, shoulder to shoulder, facing the camera, like this.

The Beatles
They posed this way with fans....
The Beatles
Even when they were getting their hair done....
The Beatles
Other groups followed the Beatles lead, including the Beach Boys, who even surfed in a row...
The Beach Boys
Paul Revere and the Raiders don't seem to enjoy the position quite as much...
Paul Revere and the Raiders
The Rolling Stones were harder to herd. This is as close as they got to a Beatles pose.
The Rolling Stones
But lesser known groups were happy to line up and mug for the camera....
Pop music groups from the 1960s

Pop music groups from the 1960s
By the 1970s, fewer groups posed like the Beatles. But ABBA gave it a try....